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Digital Transformation 

Empower your business with our tailored Salesforce solutions for revenue growth and customer success. 

What we do

What We Do

Zime helps small, medium and enterprise companies in their mission to build lifelong relationships with their customers using Salesforce. Our solutions empower leading businesses to systematically grow their revenues by improving customer insights and operations efficiency.  

Salesforce is a leading CRM platform and enables business to achieve efficiency, improved customer relationships, scalability, data-driven insights, cost-effectiveness leading to a significant competitive advantage. As a Consulting focused services provider, our goal is to unlock opportunities using Salesforce, provide implementation, training, and support to companies that aim for consistent business growth over time. 

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

We help you transform manual business processes of every department from Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Logistics, Legal, etc. to Digital Workflows with No-Code.

CRM Implementation

CRM Implementation

Our unified CRM solutions empower your Marketing, Sales, and Services teams to provide impeccable services by leveraging the insights from their customer interactions.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

We help you harness your customer data to transform occasional buyers to regular customers, and unhappy customers to lifelong patrons.

Custom Applications

Custom Applications

No-Code/Low-Code or Custom Web/Mobile apps! We help you build and deploy mainstream IT solutions to help you compete or stay ahead of competition.



Taking Your Business to the Next Level

01      Analysis

Business Process Analysis

Gap Analysis

Automation Goals

Workflow Strategy

CRM Strategy

Product Demo Planning

Project Management

Change Management

02      Development

Prototypes and Demos

Workflow Automation

Architecture Design

Salesforce Implementation

Creatio Low-Code/No-Code Apps

Custom Application Development

Staff Augmentation

Marketplace Solutions

03      Adoption


Online Learning

Onsite Training

Product Maintenance

Maximize Application ROI

Customer Support

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We needed a partner who could work with us from the idea to turn the product into reality. We are happy we worked with the right team.

Product Manager from a Travel Commerce Company


Our Happy Clients

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About Us

Zime is an experienced consulting and implementation partner with the world's leading Digital Transformation vendors such as Salesforce, Creatio, and Zapier.

Our team comprises certified Salesforce and Creatio architects and developers having between 3 to 18 years of experience with a global customer base.


We build outcome-driven solutions by analyzing your unique business processes and implement digital solutions that transform your business to keep pace with changing customer demands.


Our goal is to align with you as closely as we can to understand what success means to you and strive towards achieving your goals within cost, quality, and schedule constraints. The Zime team stays up-to-date on what technology has to offer and implements what is relevant to your mission. 


Meet the Team

Zime is founded by seasoned entrepreneurs that have previously built and scaled global software solutions companies. Meet the founders who will assist you in taking your business to the next level.


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Zime is a Digital Transformation solutions company and partners with leading vendors such as Salesforce, Creatio, and Zapier. We offer services in Business Process Automation, CRM implementation, and Data Analytics to businesses in North America, Europe, South East Asia and India. 

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+91 97643 95549 (India)
+1 (847) 607 1101 (US)

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