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CRM - The Growth Catalyst for Leading Businesses around the World

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

In a hyper-competitive world, CRM helps successful businesses around the world by helping them trounce the competition in the most comprehensive manner possible. CRM entails the efficient as well as intelligent management of customer information, thereby enhancing the number of quality leads obtained by a business, ultimately leading to a significant improvement in the performance of the marketing team. This leads to an improvement in sales with regard to the speed with which a deal is closed. It also helps improve customer service by enabling a business to better satisfy its customers' needs by engaging with them more efficiently as well as productively.

A CRM system can provide a bouquet of benefits to a business. A study by Finances Online found that CRM software can help enhance sales by 29%, productivity by 34% and forecast accuracy by 45%. There is a whole slew of statistics that prove the efficacy of CRM software in helping small businesses perform spectacularly well:

  • CRM can boost conversion rates by a whopping 300%.

  • 74% of businesses agree that CRM software provides improved access to customer data.

  • Mobile CRM software can enhance process efficiency by as much as 73%.

  • 60% of businesses say that they witness better productivity on account of using a CRM platform.

  • 91% of businesses employing more than 11 employees have already deployed a CRM system.

Business Management Ideas points to eight principal factors behind the success of a CRM system. These are as under:

  1. Total Commitment and Support from Senior Management.

  2. A clear understanding of what constitutes CRM and the ability to communicate that well.

  3. A cultural change.

  4. Successful inter-departmental integration.

  5. Staff with the right skill set.

  6. Top-quality customer data.

  7. Appropriate metrics and measurements are in place.

  8. Continuous improvement.

The times that we live in see many small businesses struggle because of fierce market competition. For a business to thrive it must be able to serve its customers better than its competition by fully understanding their evolving needs. Adopting a CRM strategy is the best way for such businesses to do that.

A successful CRM strategy needs a clear and explicit vision that is well understood by the team that is meant to implement it. It requires the ability to prioritize the leads according to how actionable they are. The implementation of a CRM strategy is an ongoing and evolving effort. Is your business already leveraging the best CRM strategy to scale up to the next level? Share your views with us about the approach you adopted to optimize the returns from your CRM system.

Disclaimer: Zime is an implementation partner for the world’s leading businesses. We specialize in low-code/no-code (LCNC) applications that can get your CRM systems up and running in days, rather than weeks or months. Information provided here is from Zime's own research and sources cited below. Any discrepancies are regretted.


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